Flightfox: Site

Flightfox: Site

One of the most visible projects I undertook as the Lead UX/UI Designer of the crowd-sourced, flight-finding startup Flightfox.com was an improvement of both the homepage’s experience and its visual design.

Our Goals

  • To increase the number of new visitors who start a new contest
  • To inspire trust in the service
  • To more clearly describe exactly how the service works

Problems Identified

  • Many visitors thoroughly read and scrolled the homepage, many clicked the ‘Start Contest’ button, but most abandoned the process before committing to pay
  • In conjunction with the problem above, in spite of being assured up front that Flightfox provided a money-back guarantee, users were not reassured: split testing showed a negligible difference in the percentage of users who started a new flight contest after having viewed the guarantee versus those who were not shown a guarantee
  • A high number of users expressed worry after having started a flight contest, because they were not sure of what or when something was next going to happen

Solutions Implemented

  • Increased trust via the addition of testimonials and expert bios
  • Prominently highlighted our traveler-focused blog posts and flight contest successes, positioning ourselves more concretely as true and experienced travel experts
  • Streamlined and improved explanatory copy to remove any ambiguity in conveying exactly how the service works

Plus, it was a great chance to solidify the company’s first official branding styleguide, give the logo a playful, modern touch (with the addition of a fox tail accent) and to create some fun, illustrative iconography to accompany the new copy!

Homepage UX/UI Overhaul for Flightfox